Happy Easter

4 04 2010

Happy Easter from Dave and Betty!  Although we have not gotten out much this year, the ice fishing reports that I have heard were fantastic.  A mild winter for the most part allowed many fisherman to get out and find where the fish were.  Huge walleyes and northerns were caught and released from a river system north of PCC, 25in. plus walleyes and 40″ plus northerns.  I understand those numbers are unbelievable but they come from a very good friend.  We were able to get out last week with some friends and catch mess of trout and hammered some nice Eyes right before dark.  The snow has been gone for a few weeks now and the ice conditions are at the not worth risking it stage.  Water levels are low for this time of year and we already have extreme fire risk warnings.  It looks as if we are going to have another great year here at PCC and look forward to see all of you very soon. I hope to be writing a little more often now, thanks for reading.

DON”T FORGET YOUR OUTDOOR CARDS!!!!  If for some reason you did not receive it in the mail let me know and I can give you a number to call.




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