Canada in the Rough TV

17 04 2010

For any of you that have WILD TV or Global, Sunday the 18th Pickerel Creek Camp will be featured in” Canada in the Rough” programming.  The Beasley brothers were here in November of 09′ and took two magnificent animals.  If you do not get the two television stations you can check out the episode summary at  A DVD will be out as well.

Spring has come early!!!!  I would have to say for most lakes the ice was out on the 16th of April.  Walleye fishing this year should be different from the last two for sure.  Walleyes will have spawned 3 weeks before opener and should be in there mid June haunts by the end of May.  Do keep in mind opener is early as well this year (May 15th) always the 3rd Saturday in May. The MNR said this week that walleyes are spawning and some were already done on some lakes.  Seems too early to me but some lakes do warm quicker than others.  Water levels are extremely low over the entire area and fire levels are very high.  Many people are enjoying the sunshine especially after the last two years of rain and cold but Mother Nature sure cold help out a bit right now.  Betty and I are heading to the outpost to get that opened up and to do some dock work.  We have a very busy season planned up there and we are both excited to see all of you at PCC.

Don’t forget your outdoor cards and passports.




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