Lake Trout!!!

25 04 2010

Although they were not shallow as expected the trout bite was pretty good.  65 to 75 feet of water seemed to be the ticket.  The bait didn’t seem to matter, jigging rapalas, swedish pimples, and tube jigs all worked.  We vertical jigged over the deep water and had a ball!  Now back to work.  Camp is close to ready and we are doing a bunch of work at the outpost.  Our weather has been unbelievable!  Sunshine and more sunshine.  Those of you who fish lakes that are accessed by creek systems should bring hip waders or at least knee boots.  Lac Seul is even lower than I have ever seen it.  The MNR just had a press release that the fire levels are extreme and we are in a no fire band.  Not sure on water temps at the moment but the walleye spawn I would think is in full swing if not over.  I have not seen suckers spawning in normal areas around camp yet which makes me a little confused, but hey, thats normal.   Betty and I are enjoying playoff hockey, How about those HAWKS!!




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