Walleye Opener

16 05 2010

John Ludwig from Muskego, Wisconsin accomplished one of his goals on his first cast of the day.  John landed a 30 1/4 inch walleye on Pickerel Lake yesterday morning.  The rest of his group did good as well.  Lots of fish over 18 and many 22’s and 23’s were caught and released.    Other groups in camp caught fish early but struggled mid day.  Water temps are in the mid 50’s and the weather is perfect.  Stable weather is what we were asking for and right now we have it.  I took a new frig. to the outpost yesterday and the guys had caught and released 50 walleyes by 9:30 am.  Lots of smiles everywhere so I expect a good opener over the entire NW region. 

If you did not receive your outdoor cards you can call the MNR and they will send you a new one if you call 20 to 30 days prior.  If they sent you one and you discarded it you’ll have to get a new one from a license vendor.  (PCC)




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