Good Fishing

20 05 2010

The first week of season is just about over and over all a good fishing week.  Our guest were able to catch fish in several different lakes this week.  I am getting reports though from this entire area that fishing has been hit or miss.  Some guys doing well other not so good.  I have heard a fast presentation worked and I know for a fact one afternoon a slow presentation worked.  Our grandson was visiting this week and I was catching walleyes with my jig just sitting on the bottom while helping the grandson.  Just a side note the 4 year old young man did catch a 22″ walleye on a spiderman combo with a jig and a bobber, Go figure.  The boys at the outpost are doing extremely well, large numbers of walleyes are being caught and released and a few big northerns have been landed as well.  Weather is stable and actually a little to warm for myself.  Water temps are approaching 60 degrees and fishing should stay good for a while.  Spawn was early this year and many females have already seem to have rested up, many large walleyes have been caught this year.  The Ludwig group said this is one of the best years, (and thats alot of years) for big fish.  They caught several fish between 22 and 24 inches and the beautiful 30″ trophy.  Releasing those adult fish sure seems to make a difference, thanks for the support. 

We do have a few spots that opened up for an excellent fall bear hunt in August.  Anyone interested shoot me an email.




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