Excellent Fishing!!

24 05 2010

Fish are biting over the entire area.  Pickerel Lake has been producing 20 to 23 inch walleye.  It seems that many female walleye have rested after their spawn and are now on the feed.  Good numbers and size are putting many smiles on our guest.  Conservation and releasing mature fish does work.  The outpost is producing unbelievable numbers, if I told you how many fish our last group caught each day you would not believe me.  Water temps have been in the low 60’s and our weather has been stable and beautiful.  There have been some early hatches going on.  Many walleye have had dragonfly and may fly larva in their bellies.  The larvae are generally in rocks, attached to stems of aquatic plants, and/or on mud flats.  Shallow water seems to be where the walleye are feeding and the larvae are the bait of choice.  Even though we call the may fly hatch the “anglers curse” I look at it as an opportunity to go after a fish that is naturally ready to feed.  One common method is to be on the edge of new vegetation on mud flats, dragging a jig and minnow very slowly pushing up silt on the retrieve.  The bite can be very lite fishing this way but if you stay with it you’ll catch fish.  Our “Bush Hoppers” from Iowa are repeating their success again this year with large numbers of walleye along with some awesome 37 inch northerns, a couple of washouts that would swallow a 1/2 ton pick-up did not deter them yesterday getting to one of their favorite bush lakes.

The above photo is John Ludwig from Muskego, Wisconsin on opening day.  30 1/4 inch Walleye.

How about them Hawks!  Lord Stanley just may be coming to Chicago.




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25 05 2010

cant wait to come up and catch some walleyes in june!!!

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