One of the best Years.

7 06 2010

This spring has started what looks to be a fantastic year for fishing.  The bite is still on and everyone is having fun.  I have had many fisherman tell me they have never seen so many quality walleye from all these bush lakes.  We are catching fish in the mid 20’s on a regular basis.  Releasing walleye over 18 inches works!!! Fish are being caught everywhere, shallow, deep, on rocks, and in the weeds.  Anglers are experiencing some of there best walleye days ever.  There is a hatch going on again but knock on wood it has not slowed the fishing.  More rain on the way but for the most part the weather is good.  Water temps are in the low to mid 60’s and if the water doesn’t heat up to fast fishing should continue to be excellent.  Our “salukis” connection Jeff and Mike Goelz  found an active perch bite yesterday, it seems that all fish are on the feed.  The outpost crew from last week struggled for the first couple days mainly because the water level rose 2 feet but found big fish and lots of them mid-week, several 25’s and a couple 27’s. 

How about them HAWKS!!!!!!!




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