The Hatch is ON.

14 06 2010

Mayfly and Dragonfly larva is hatching  at full-bore.  Many of the smaller lakes are experiencing a soft, slow bite.  Some guys are still finding fish but for the most part its slow.  These hatches happen every year and can slow down the bite.  We have to work hard to find hungry fish and one way is to fish shallow, in the mud, and just drag your jig on the bottom SLOWLY.  It’s hard to even feel a bite, walleye seem to just barely grab the bait and softly hang on, it’s a hard bite to feel but you can get the hang of it.  Water temps are around 64 degrees and hopefully the bite will pick back up.  One day a lake is on and one day its off.  Lac Seul and some other larger lakes have picked up and are doing very well.  There is always a few lakes that are on so its nice to be mobile.  Even with a slower bite guys are still catching some nice 20 plus inch fish.  Slow down and be a little more patient and you’ll find active fish.




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