The end of week 5 “Challenging”

19 06 2010

The end of the fifth week of walleye season has ended.  Unstable weather and the main May-Fly hatch made fishing for some very tough.  Crayfish are also in their molting stage making them a tasty morsel for fish as well.  The jig and minnow bite which I talk about so much might not have been the ticket this week, some parties switched to lindy rigs and did OK.  Water temps mid-week hit 70 degrees but a cold rain dropped temps back to the low 60’s.  Maybe not so good for opening weekend of musky season.  Weeds are growing fairly well and stable weather looks like it’s on the way so hopefully things will quickly turn around.  The Bowden family managed to do very well this week, fishing a water system with current, seemed to be the trick.  Lakes that did not experience the heavy May-Fly hatch in this area stayed fairly steady but over all the reports I have heard stated spotty to slow fishing.  Hatches are done on most of our lakes and I think fishing will pick up very soon.




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