Fishing Not Bad

26 06 2010

Although no one is setting records , it seems that the walleye bite is picking up.  May-fly hatch is over for the most part, fish that are being caught are shallow 3 to 8 ft, in the weeds.  Opening week for Musky, the guys felt the water was to cool for an aggressive bite, 64 degrees surface temp.  We like to see a stable 75 degree water temp to start our summer pattern for the lunge.  The musky hunters in camp really did not raise many fish and only boated one small fish.  Nice weather for the next week will heat the water quickly and trigger some good action by the end of this week.  Each day for a while, the walleye bite should be getting better, weed beds are developing strong and water temps are still perfect for an active bite.

Side note everyone needs to remember.  Your daily limit and your possession limit is the same thing, also if you have a shore lunch, those fish count for your daily limit.  Trust me, cabin two found this out the hard way.




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