29 06 2010

4 3/4 inches of rain with 20 mph east winds kept most fisherman at bay over the weekend.  Awesome weather finally moved in on Monday and fishing is starting to pick back up.  Ian Terrell (Joliet,IL) and company ran out of 6 dozen minnows on a steady walleye bite yesterday.  The small lakes are still yielding nice fish.  Shallow water is where the fish are, 10 ft or less.  One of our local musky lakes is primed to give up some real nice fish.  I was talking with an outfitter from that lake on Sunday and he said two fish over 50 have been caught and many big fish have been seen.  I am looking forward to throw a giant flasher or a double cowgirl sometime this summer.  Heading to the outpost today to do some work, the water levels are fairly high but the bite is getting better there as well after the Mayfly hatch. 

Summer  already seems to be slipping past us, Betty and I would like to thank all of you who joined us this spring, which for the most part was excellent fishing and good times.  We look forward to see the rest of you this summer and fall.  Several weeks are booked for 2011 but we do have a couple cabins next spring for anyone interested.  Have a happy and safe 4th.




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