Insane Walleye

8 07 2010

With all the rain, waterways are flowing like an early spring melt. Try and fish areas where the walleye spawn, where the current is coming into your body of water.  I don’t think I have ever seen pickerel creek as high as it is right now.  Betty, friend Shelly Franz, and myself took a 4 wheeler ride out to the bush and fished a set of rapids that fed a small bush lake.  The action was insane, countless 19 to 22 inch walleye, black and gold in color with a blue tint on their dorsal side, beautiful fish.  The water was stirring up so much food that the fish had no choice but to take the opportunity and put on the feed bag.  The first hour we actually had a bite every cast.  This was not normal action for this time of year in that area of the lake but take what mother nature gives you.  The weather has straightened out a bit and fishing is pretty good up here right now.  The biggest tip I can give you on these nice sunny days is to where pants and socks opposed to shorts and sandals, the flies out on the lake will have your ankles eaten to the bone if you have bare skin.  Some fisherman have gotten off the lake to readjust their clothing, they are that bad right now.  It may sound like I’m a big baby but trust me their brutal.  I fished the big lake a few days ago and fishing was fair at best, kind of surprised but not really for the way I like to fish.  Weed growth just was not there like I thought it would be and I like to fish for the easy walleye in the weeds.  When we did find fish they were on the small side.  Darren Rathcke (MN) found some nice trout yesterday, fish were suspended 20 ft. down in 60 feet of water, a nice treat for July fishing.  We’re busting into a new lake today for trophy northerns and I may even keep my eye open for a good moose hunting spot, wink wink.  We’ll let you know how it goes.




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