Mid-July Fishing

19 07 2010

Musky!!  Talked with one outfitter today and he said two of his guest boated 18 fish between 42 and 52 inches last week.  That is awesome fishing.  Eric and Scooter Gerths experienced a day like that last week as well.  So if I had to say musky fishing is excellent.  We have a couple of diehards coming in this week so I should have some good reports to write about.  Walleye have been slow on Pickerel but good on a couple of bush lakes, Jeff Goelz and company (my SIU connection) hit prime time a few evenings and did pretty darn good on a bush lake.  Mike Baker and the boys did great on an upper and lower bush lake.  A big thank you goes out to Nick Altiery who spent a week here before heading for boot camp, thanks for your service Nick.  Friends of ours from S. Ontario along with Don Smith Sr. hit the big lake yesterday and found fish in shallow water in the weeds, a good day had by all.  One of the guys could not believe you can catch quality fish like we did in 4 ft of water with the sun high and no wind.  Remember, weeds that are grown give off oxygen and fish need oxygen.  Pitching into the weeds is  like bass fishing in the mid-west, same technique different fish.  Made a trip to the outpost over the weekend and had time to throw a jig or two around and was pleasantly surprized how many fish in a short period of time we caught.  Water is dropping  but fish were still in the current.  I’ll be going out with Bob Gould and Shorty Flees one night this week in search of the 50 incher, stay tuned.




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