The Musky Window

28 07 2010

Bob Gould and Shorty Flees finally hit the window they have been waiting for.  After a typical few days of seeing fish, locating fish and beening a bit frustrated, the dual hit the window we all dream of.  They boated 7 muskies in just a few hours, 5 of the seven were over 40″ the biggest was 48″.  Last night they boated 4 nice fish the biggest was 46″  Hard to explain muskies at all, but one day like that would get anybody hooked .  Walleye fishing has picked up for most of our guest this week, good numbers and a mix of sizes.  Frank Cavanaugh and crew (Braidwood IL.)have been hammering the small mouth bass on Nancy in the evening all on top water.  Our bear season is right around the corner (Aug. 15th) and baiting for us will begin in just a few days.  Tons of berries this year, locating bear will be no trouble at all.  Weather has been interesting, thunderstorm rolls in and then the sun pops outs,  repeat this about four times a day and there’s our weather.




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