Luckiest Man Around

4 08 2010

Betty and I were able to take my 79-year-old parents to our outpost last week. Not in the best of health, I never thought they would get to see such a special place. With the help of my wife, sister, and brother-in-law we were able to spend a family day together that will be remembered forever. To see my mother and sister catch one walleye after another was quite amusing since they really do not fish. Being there  together was a very special day for me.

Musky fishing had slowed for a few days but the last two days were better than average. Cousin Tony Frankovich boated 4 fish a few days ago and 2 last night, all between 40 and 44 inches. I was able to jump in the boat two nights ago with him and I raised a legitimate 50 incher. I would have to say muskies are on again, water temps are a steady 76 degrees, and fish are coming off deep water. Other guys in camp this week are boating at least one fish a night and seeing 6 or 7 fish. Walleye fishing is pretty typical for August, good at prime times and slower mid day. The guys who are doing the best are in 15 to 25 ft of water, not many guys are finding shallow active fish. Rising water levels all year have hurt some weed bed growth. The weed beds I usually like to fish this time of year are not holding the numbers of fish they normally do, spending the time to find a couple deep water spots seems to be the key. Bush lakes surprisingly are still producing nice fish and decent numbers. We fished Pickerel last week and boated a couple 23 and 24 inch walleye, pretty good for this time of year. Water temps are right around 80 degrees in the smaller lakes.

Bear baiting has started which means fall is right around the corner. Tons of berries this year and I mean tons. I have never seen so many blueberries, raspberries, and pin cherries. The hunt may be challenging but it is no surprise where to find the bears. Deer and moose must have wintered well because there are fresh tracks of both on every game trail I come across. Hunters will be in for the opener on the 15th of this month and I look forward to report some exciting hunts. We have veteran hunters in this year and hope to see some big bruins.

Few musky pics from last week.




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