Very Beary

8 08 2010

Although we have a bumper crop of berries this year it seems we also have a great population of black bears.  Virtually every bait is getting hit and several baits have multiple bears on them.  I have enjoyed the cold front that moved in a few days ago, baiting when the temps are around 70 degrees is a pleasure.  The cold front did slow walleye fishing for a day or two but fishing remains good.  The story of the week is Tony Frankovich boating 9 muskys and the other guys in his party boating 11 others.  The bait of choice can’t be revealed at this present time but I’m sure to have a few in my box very soon.

 I  Jumped in the boat with two buddies tonight and after landing a 36″ dink,  he had the last laugh as he threw a number 13 double cow girl through the top of my hand.  Unfortunately we had to cut the night short,  because the fish are on.  Tip #134 “always take proper pliers when musky fishing.”  Allen Frankovich and Ronnie Mentzer boated 3 nice muskies this morning and we were on our way to have some fun tonight.




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