11 08 2010

Walleye fishing has slowed quite a bit in this area for the most part.  I have heard of a few decent catches but over all slow fishing.  Water temps have reach 80 degrees on some water and that alone slows down the bite.  Weather is hot and humid much like the weather in the mid-west.  Very hot days and some spotty heavy storms at night.  We lost a couple of big jack pines out of the front yard due to high winds.  Although walleye have slowed the musky bite is still on fire, musky lakes are running about 76 degrees.  Fish have been suspended close to deep water. 

The hot weather and heavy rain is putting a hurting on the berries.  Pin cherries and raspberries are all but gone in our BMA, still lots of blueberries but they are fading fast in some areas.  If we can get some stable weather next week I think we should have an excellent 1st week of our bear hunt.  The baits are all being hit with multiple bear on many baits.  I seen a beautiful boar around 300 lbs yesterday on one of our first sites.  Season opens Sunday.  Musky pic from last week.




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