Bear Hunt 2010

17 08 2010

Even with less than ideal weather,  the first two days of our bear hunt has been excellent.  High winds, rain, and cold temps in the 50’s and still plenty of blue berries have not slowed down bear activity.  Every hunter in camp have seen bear and 3 hunters have harvested nice animals.  I should really write a book with all the stories I have already heard in just 2 days of the hunt.  Earl Alexander (IL) seen 5 bear in his first 2 nights, 2 deer, one wolf, and had a bear claw the seat of his tree stand.  He said his hunt began after he shot his bear, while giving his animal some time after the shot he had 2 bear hanging around for an hour and was quite a show.  Bill Nicholls (IL) shot his first bear last night and had a few good stories to gone along with his harvest as well.  All our baits are on fire and the hunters are having a lot of fun.  17 bear were seen the last two nights from 7 hunters.  I look forward each night to hear the stories from tree stand hunters that are all one of a kind. 

Fishing has slowed with this massive cold front we are experiencing, but the next few days look to be stable and fishing should be picking up.  The end of august is usually the start of the fall bite.  High water levels for this time of year will allow us to fish some lakes that are usually only accessible in the spring which will add plenty of more opportunity for our september fisherman.




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