Fall is not here Yet

27 08 2010

Fall is not quite here and neither is the fall bite.  Fishing is slow throughout the entire area from the reports I have heard.  Bush lakes and larger water like Lac Seul are all slow.  Even bass fishing had slowed down this past week.  Temps a few days out, look to be in the high 60’s with lows in the 50’s, that could drop water temps and spark something to happen. If you were to look out our window you would think fall is rapidly approaching.  Tamarack, aspen, and birch tree’s are all starting to fade their dark green colors for lighter shades, we have some trees that are already turning yellow.  We did have an early spring so its possible we may have an early fall.  An early fall would be just fine for many of us who like to get out in the bush and pursue our favorite game.  Even the animals have not been on the move (except for Bear), I haven’t seen a moose in over 3 weeks and just a deer or two.  This happens every year about this time where the animals seem to disappear, the trail cameras are showing everything in the middle of the night, and we do have a full moon this past week.  I wish I had better reports but things will turn around.

We are looking for bear hunters for 2011 and 2012 if you know anyone intersted please pass our name along, they won’t be disapointed!!




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