Happy October

1 10 2010

I wait every year with great anticipation for guiding the archery moose hunt and for myself it’s already over.  We started on the 23rd of Sept and the action was great, 3 bulls called in the first 3 days but after that things really slowed.  Weather turned warmer and windy but really no excuses.  The moose rut is much like a whitetail rut, even though we think the rut is a few week period (it is) we usually only have a couple magical days that we have awesome movement during daylight hours.  If you miss the window where the animals are moving you may have missed your opportunity and it is another long year to wait.  A few of my buddies are guiding and are 2 for 3 so far with a couple of days left to go.  Frost today and tomorrow just may trigger some movement, unfortunately I am writing this blog instead of calling and raking bushes.  I believe bulls have been in lock down with cows for a while now and all other movement has been at night, with that beening said I’ll be out tomorrow calling and scouting for next year.

Grouse hunters are really enjoying themselves this week.  There has been an abundance of birds coming out of the bush this week and has made for some great fun and good food on the table. 

September 30th marked the last day of trout fishing for the rest of the year and the local fisherman really took advantage of shallow fish preparing for the spawn.  Insane numbers of trout have been caught in the last few days.  Much like bass fishing, throwing lures or jigs into shallow water, as little as 5 ft depths.  Pretty easy fish to catch when the males are preparing for the spawn.  Walleye fishing remains good on many lakes and rivers.  I’ll let you know first hand how the musky fishing is.  My buddy Bob Corcoran will arrive Monday, bulldawgs in hand.

Those of you thinking of a spring trip, our main camp we do have 1 cabin available May 28th to June 4th and one cabin available June 18th to June 25th for anyone interested.




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