Beautiful Weather

12 10 2010

Beautiful weather has made the first few days of the moose rifle season tough to say the least.  Temperatures have been near 70 degrees for weeks now and our lows only have been in the 40’s.  We have only taken one bull in camp this week, the guys are seeing a lot of sign but the animals seem to only be moving at night.

Sunny stable weather has not helped fishing either.  Many of our small bush lakes have stopped producing and the musky bite doesn’t seen to be on.  My buddy Bob Corcoran and I fished three times for musky this past week and only boated one 42″ and did not see any others.  I would think this weather would have made fishing excellent for this time of year but it just didn’t work out that way for us.  We did take a trip to the outpost last week and did catch some nice fish including a hefty 26″ walleye that Bob landed.  I think its time to turn our attention to our hunting season and put the rods away until the water hardens up.

Nice buck while fishing last week.

42″ musky caught with my buddy Bob Corcoran




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