Nice Moose

17 10 2010

Adam Jones and crew called this monster in a few days ago, the moose was 56″ plus.  While the moose was coming in, a different bull started grunting and Adam was able to make a perfect hit before the two bulls started to battle.  All the hunters at camp ended up getting their adult animals, (2 Bulls and 2Cows) even though the week started off slow with warm weather, the guys hunted hard and did pretty darn good.  Lots of sign, lots of moose still around in this country.  The second week of season starts now and the guys are ready for some cooler weather moving in which should help with daytime movement. 

We are continually closing down things here at camp and preparing for winter.  I’ll be heading north to the outpost to close it down very soon. I still have some last-minute scouting for deer to do, but over all we are ready to start chasing whitetail around very soon.  Bob Gould and crew are excited to get into deer camp and look to harvest another nice buck, I should say his father Gail is ready, and this year I plan on getting out as much as possible my self.

Gail Gould and Ryan Hyer 2009




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