23 10 2010

The second week of the rifle moose had some of the best weather yet.  Cold temps in the 20’s F and fairly calm, at least in the morning.  The the moose rut seemed to come to a screeching halt this past week.  The first time in the 7 years that we have been running PCC  no one shot a moose the second week of season.  Although there was a blown opportunity or two someone always shoots a moose.  The sign is there and there are tons of moose in the area but this past week they just did not move.  Then on the other hand the first week was warm and windy, not the ideal weather but big numbers of moose harvested have been reported, even local butchers were turning down business because they had no room.  Can we conclude that weather, moon phase, and amount of daylight does play some part, but we still don’t know what really drives these animals to move.  It has me scratching my head.  We had great groups in camp this week and they all believe it’s not all about the kill.  Party hunting allows a large number of buddies and hunting partners to get together to laugh, eat, and drink.  Harvesting a moose is a bonus.  Below is a nice group shot of the first weeks hunt.

Those of you who hunt for deer have to be excited as I am.  The deer are starting to move very good right now.  Although most of the movement is at night it is  time to get those antlers out and bang them together.  There is a lot of rubs and a few smaller scrapes out there right now and I have heard reports of bucks sparring.  To me there is nothing like hunting the pre-rut and rattling some big bones together.  I am going to try to get out one day before our deer hunt starts on the 29th.




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