It’s Been a While

9 11 2010

Since the last time I was on here mostly work has been going on.  The 2nd week of moose hunting was extremely slow and has not really picked up since.  I believe most moose have headed to their winter grounds and have been conserving energy.  I have been spending a lot of time in the deer woods and have not seen much moose activity at all.  Deer on the other hand are leaving sign in pockets where they are.  We only ran 1 week of deer hunting this year and might have picked the wrong week.  Bucks where on the move early this year with pre-rut activity prior to the last few days of October.  The deer hunt started for us Oct.30th and for the most part slow.  2 1/2 and some 3 1/2 year bucks were on the move but the mature bucks were hard to find.  Jimmy “big time” Herre from Flagstaff, Arizona stuck with it and harvested a nice mainframe 10pt that scored 142″.  Bob and Gail Gould were fooled (ground shrinkage) by two 120 class bucks.  So we went 3 for 4 this year with definitely smaller animals than we usually harvest.    This past weekend bigger bucks were moving though, two guys took a 180 class and a 150 class buck in an area that we hunt.  I was able to get out yesterday and seen 5 bucks and a doe.  Two of the bucks were close to 130, another year or two for those guys.  I was out with Barry on Sunday and he shot a 130″ 8pt with a broken brow, the deer dressed at 220.  Another year on that deer and you might have something, stay hot Barry, just kidding it was nice. 

Sitting in a stand from dark to dark can reveal many of mother natures wonders.  Dave Herre from Phoenix, Arizona got to watch an otter dig out a muskrat from a bank in a beaver pond, kill it and then eat over a two-hour period.  Must have been the week of the otter because while on stand Bob Gould Stevens Point, WI witnessed 4 otters swimming a breast to the end of a bay and corralling schools of bait fish in the corner where they had nowhere else to go and the otters proceeded to feast until full on easy prey.  These are just some of the stories our hunters had this past week and there were plenty more.  The story of Bob Goulds buck was pretty awesome but a little long for this dummy to write.  I will be giving my best effort in a few days to bring home a mature deer, it’s that time of year and hard to think of anything else besides chasing those big whitetail.  But always remember to open your eyes and enjoy everything else around you, it’s not always about taking the animal.  I have had many great hunts and came home without an animal but with much more.


Bob Gould, Jimmy “big time” Herre, Gail Gould

Barry White 




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