19 11 2010

Weather started to turn on Wednesday and so did my luck with mature whitetails.  25 degrees with a stiff NW wind proved to be a tough hunt, but paid off.  I have always had a goal to harvest a 150″ 8 pointer.  Well I did not reach that goal but I am awfully happy with this 152 2/8″ 9 pointer.  A day before I got busted by a doe and with a WNW wind in the forecast for several days I decided to move my stand and try to stay in the same area.  I saw huge sign and have taken some mature deer from this area before.  In fact, those of you who have seen my other deer, there is an unmistakable similarity in genetics, no doubt all three deer are related.  Regardless where you are in the world pursuing whitetails, harvesting a mature buck is awesome.  We don’t get to see very many animals while on stand here in NW Ontario, we sit sometimes for days without seeing an animal, but when you get the opportunity to take a mature animal the satisfaction is all worth it.

We are under a snow warning with high winds and temps in the teens.  I’ll be getting out a few more times with Betty.  We might have to pull out a ground blind and a heater for the next few days.  Good luck and be safe for all of you who are hunting this fall.  When you think nothing is going to happen and you want to get out of your tree, talk yourself out of it and stay in the tree, he could be right around the corner.




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