Merry Christmas

10 12 2010

Betty and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We have officially ended our 7th season at PCC.  We had our final customers harvest a beautiful 40″ bull moose last week.  The moose have herded up and with all the snow on the ground they are much easier to see.  The boys saw 6 moose that morning alone.  Snow levels are extremely high for this time of year, we have had at least two feet on the ground since the last week of November.  Betty and I have been on the snow machines, doing a little hunting, and enjoying some down time.  Below is a picture of a wolf pup which crossed in front of us and held up in a blow down.  Betty never did get a shot at a mature buck but weather and cold temps kind of kept her inside.  We have had temps in the single digits for highs over the last few weeks.  The 2011 season is only a few months away and the two of us are looking forward to get started already.  We had a great year and it would not be possible without all of you.  If any of you have not received a year-end letter in the past from us, we would like you to email your address so we can include you on our list.  Year end letters will be out by Christmas.  Also we will be updating our website with pictures, if anyone would like to share their photos please email to Stay warm this winter and have a fun safe Holiday Season. 




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