Cabin Fever?

24 01 2011

Who’s got cabin fever?  Before you know it spring will be here and the fish will be biting so hang in there.  It has been a pretty cold winter up north and we have had tons of snow.  The bush is averaging 3 ft of snow and the lakes now all have plenty of ice.  With 40 below actual temperatures there is not much fishing going on this past week.  A few guys with shacks are getting out and catching a few walleye right at dark, and a warm spell in the forecast could help.  Thank you all again for sending referrals, booking have been awesome over the last two weeks, it looks like we have another great year ahead and we are so looking forward to it.   Please keep our friends/neighbors Trysta and Kyle  in your thoughts and prayers as their house burnt to the ground last night.  Everyone is safe but there was a total loss on their house and belongings.  Many of you would know Trysta from Dutches General Store. 

Looking forward to see all of you very soon.




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