3 02 2011

Well,  if you live in the Mid-West you can’t tell me you’re not ready for some open water.  Chicago just got nailed with at least 17 inches of snow and winds gusting to 40 plus MPH.  We have been talking with many of our customers lately and the general consensus is bring on spring and some fishing in NW Ontario.  Hopefully that stupid little groundhog is right, he did not see his shadow today, so no more winter.  Boy its pretty bad when all we can talk about is the weather.  Not much going on in NW Ontario, cold temps have kept most fisherman at bay.  Even trail riding and exploring has been limited by the weather.  The snow amounts will have a negative effect on the deer herd but right now everything else should be fine.   The big bad wolf will be licking his chops this winter.  The black bear should be much safer with the amount of snow on the ground, hiding their sent much more from the wolves.  Betty and I will try to take a wolf or two in March, looking forward to the challenge.  Wish we had more to report but it is that time of year.  To all our friends in Wisconsin.  GO PACK!!




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