Long Winter

1 04 2011

A winter with deep snow for such a long period of time will take its toll on a deer population.  Wildlife researchers state that 50 consecutive days with a snow depth of 50 cm or more results in a severe winter for deer.  We have had that scenario in this area for sure.  Snow depths make it harder for deer to get around, using more energy to find little food, and more susceptible to wolf predation.  With that being said, the above picture is the only winter kill we have seen so far in our travels.  We have put a few hundred miles on our sleds this year and have not seen the winter kill that I have expected, not to say there isn’t.  Being an optimist, the deer I have seen in the bush have looked to be healthy.  The weak in the herd will surely take a beating this year, and for the moose  it is actually a good thing.  Moose and deer do not co-exist very well and when a deer population explodes the moose population declines.  Deer carry a parasite called brain worm that is lethal to moose but not deer.  Once the snow melts we will have the cameras out and will be scouting for the fall and should have a better idea how our deer did this winter. 

Walleye fishing picked up the last few days, fish were active in 5 to 8 feet of water.  Trout fishing also has been good.  Local fisherman are fishing for a few hours and are experiencing plenty of action.  Ice and travel conditions could not be better right now, and with that in mind, I might as well go fishing.




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