Spring is Here?

16 04 2011

Woke up this morning to the creek being open for the first time and 5 inches of fresh snow.  Mother Nature threw us a curve ball, things were starting to look and feel like spring.  Many birds have started to find their way back, all sorts of waterfowl for sure.  Canada geese, trumpiter swans, and many differnt ducks including a beautiful pair of goldeneye that have found one of our duck boxes for nesting.  Walleye season closed on the 15th and will re-open the third Saturday in May.  Went fish with a buddy on the last day but just could not find the fish, got skunked on the last day.  Reports from others have been mixed, some guys did just ok and other knocked em’ pretty good.  Trout fishing is still in full swing but ice conditions are a little sketchy with the new snow on the ground.  Many lakes had open air holes that could have a thin layer of ice covered with snow, just have to be cautious.  Barry and I are going to get out one more time or two for trout but season will be here before you know it. Work for the camp is just around the corner and we are getting anxious to start some updates.




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