10 05 2011

95% of the ice is gone.  Water has warmed up fast this past week and many walleye have spawned.  Suckers are moving into the creeks and it seems spring has arrived.  Lakes further north are still cold and walleye are only staging at this point.  We spent the last four days at the outpost where the water temp was only 38*.  We put new beds and a new laminate floor in the cabin and oh  boy does it look nice.  In our travels we got to see 3 caribou and 1 monster bear.  Our first group of fisherman will be here a week from today and although we are not ready we are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Many of us were a little doom and gloom on the likely hood that we lost tons of our deer this winter.  To the contrary, sightings of deer have been high and the little scouting in the bush proved that many deer have made it through a rough winter.  These deer are built for tough weather and seemed to prove it once again.  The snow was deep for the wolves as well.

Looking forward to fisherman getting in here and making some of these reports a little more interesting.  Talk at ya later.




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