Just Days Away

18 05 2011

Opening day of walleye season is this Saturday.  Customers have started to roll in and Betty and I are anxious to see everyone and to get started.  Basically, walleye are done spawning throughout most of the area and will have had almost two weeks to rest up but still will be scattered around a bit.  Surface temps this weekend will be in the 50′ and an approaching cold front could make an interesting opener.  The weather has been unseasonably warm and dry.  Air temps have been in the mid 70’s for over a week now and has really warmed the water.  Suckers already have moved out of most of their spawning grounds and the trout should be moving up in the water column.  The Ludwigs (WI) will be out after trout today, 25 ft to 40 ft of water is the starting point, we’ll see what happens. 

Most of the work was finished at the outpost and below are some pictures.  Water temps even that far north reached 46 degrees on Monday and I would have to say the walleye are finished spawning up there as well. 

It’s time to get on the water!




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