Picking Up

25 05 2011

Fish have been on and off in most area lakes.  A couple of bush lakes have been on fire, guys willing to do a little traveling have experienced awesome fishing.  Once again it is an advantage to be mobile.  Fishing on Pickerel is looking to be a lot like last year, nice fish, several over 20″.  Greg Heinrich (WI) caught  a 26 1/2″ walleye a day or two ago,  that has been the biggest fish reported this week.  Most fish being caught are still younger males.  Pickerel has had a couple good days and a couple not so good days, pretty much following suit with most lakes in the area.  Water temps seem to be perfect, hanging around 60 degrees by the afternoon.  I sometimes sound like a broken record but this time of year you need to slow down to catch fish.  We snuck out one afternoon for a couple of hours and boated a dozen walleye, the jig and minnow had to be on the bottom barely moving.  Fisherman that are trolling around the lake are not doing so well.

Cousin Ray Smith landed a couple nice crappie, 13 and 14 inches.




One response

25 05 2011

Nice fish! (Of course you realize I’ll never hear the end of this…)

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