That’s More Like It!

30 05 2011

Without a doubt fishing on area lakes have picked up.  Virtually every party in camp yesterday caught fish. 5 different lakes were fished by our guest and all lakes produced, signaling a strong bite in the entire area.  Fish still are not chasing the bait but at least they are on the feed.  Walleye have started to school and if you were on them at feeding time you did really well.  Several fish in the mid 20’s were caught and released.  Royce Grimsrud (SD) and friends caught fish two days in a row,  jig fishing with live bait is the ticket.  Royce and I talked about favorite fishing spots and we were both surprised how different they were.  I guess fish can be all over on certain days.  This makes me bring up a point, sometimes these so-called hot spots are very unique, there is a spot within a spot.  If we slow downand really look to see why or where the fish are in a certain location we can make a good spot even better.  The bush hoppers (IA) are back and up to there usual, catching tons of fish.  The boys did very well on their favorite lake yesterday and took the morning off to do a little bone collecting.  The bush is starting to really green up but the canopy they will be looking in should be fairly clear.  Below are a few pics from opening week. 





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5 06 2011

thanx for an awesome time as usual dave and betty. we made it home safe tonight but already missing u guys and the “bush”. cant wait till next year you’ve got a year to prepare for the arrival of the “bushhoppers” . thanx again


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