Action Remains Good.

1 06 2011

After a few stellar days earlier in the week, weather seems to be making fisherman work for their fish.  Cooler temps, high winds and rain sat in for the last few days.  Although the bite is still good it has been at different times of the day,  depending on the lake you are on.  The morning bite has been pretty consistent and mid afternoon rather slow.  Stable weather would really help make the bite more consistent.  The Sindt Family (IA)have been steady all week.  Brian Sindt caught and released a beautiful 28″ walleye on Monday.  The trio took a trip for trout yesterday and despite a very windy day boated 5 nice fish. Female walleye are coming of their resting period and are starting to bite.  (Just in time for a Mayfly hatch????)  The boys from Oceola, IA have boated several walleye 24″ to 26″ this week.  The few post spawn perch that I’ve seen in the fish house are full of Mayfly larva, we’ll have to see if this is a small hatch or a full-blown early hatch.  Water temps have cooled this week and are still in the high 50’s low 60’s.




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