Great Last Day

12 06 2011

Jeff Goelz (IL) and a SIU Saluki 91′ landed a 26″ walleye on Friday while fishing Pickerel Lake.  Many fish over 20″ were caught again this week.  Terry Fenolio (IL) and Ken Wicks and a great last day on Friday.  They took a trip for trout and on the way back boated a bunch of walleye.  The duo had limits of trout and walleye to brag about and were back in camp by 1pm.  The trout fishing actually has been fantastic.  Trout have been caught from 25 to 50 ft of water and feeding very aggressively.  Virtually every boat is catching their trout and more, lots of action.  The baits all have varied but something with a piece of sucker meat has worked very well.  The trout have been feeding on Cisco, stomach’s have been full and still feeding.  Walleye action in the entire area finally has picked up.  The larger lakes are now starting to produce.  Temperature is on the rise (air and water)  which is the main reason fishing on the larger lakes have improved.  Most bush lakes are still excellent.  Pickerel lake actually slowed a bit for numbers of walleye this past week , the fish that were caught were all nice fish.  The perch bite is on and the Erv Dombroski (WI) Family and Friends can attest to that.  12″ plus perch thickened there freezer this week.  The perch were  feeding aggressively on Mayfly larva, and the guys were able to entice the fish with night crawlers.  Mayfly larva and the hatch is probably the reason Pickerel Lake has slowed a bit.  Water temps have stayed bove 60 degrees for the last few days and a full-blown hatch is just around the corner on the shallower warmer lakes.  This is something we all have to deal with each year.  The good thing is the fish will be actively feeding, the flip side, sometimes it shuts down fishing because that’s all the fish are eating.  One technique is to drag your bait on the bottom kicking up silt as you work your jig.  Basically imitating larva emerging from the bottom.  Crappie action for this area has been pretty good as well, more and more lakes are starting to have a catchable population. 






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