What’s Wrong With This Picture

15 06 2011

Just  a quick story that I found very interesting.  Betty and I have six duck boxes for nesting.  Earlier in the spring we noticed a Hooded Merganser going into a box that already was occupied by a Goldeneye.  We happen to catch the Hooded Merganser throwing out two eggs from the box that we presumed were goldeneye eggs.  We didn’t think much more of it until we were lucky enough to take pictures of 14 little duckling jumping out of the box.  When Betty developed the pictures we notice (top picture) that the hen Hooded Merganser actually didn’t throw all the Goldeneye eggs out and hatched four Goldeneye ducklings.  The Goldeneye ducklings are black and white in the middle of the top picture.  Wood ducks, Hooded Mergansers, Goldeneye, Bufflehead, and Common Mergansers will all nest in trees.




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