Good Day Bad Day

16 06 2011

It seems fishing is on again off again.  We have had parties going to a lake and doing great, send a different party in the next day and fishing is off.  Lot’s of bait around.  We have seen every type of food source in the stomach s of fish this week.  Birds, leeches, may fly larva, water bugs, crayfish, you name it, the fish have been feeding on it.  Water temps are averaging 65 but with two days in a row of hot weather we should break the 70 degree mark.  For the most part fishing is OK, seen it worse and have seen it better.  Dean Teslow (IA) and family had a great day on Pickerel.  His boat has been the most consistent all week.  They are trolling with spinner rigs very slow, just fast enough to keep the spinner moving.  The big lake that many of us like to fish has been very slow, hardly any weed growth in many of the lakes in the area.  If you can find weeds there usually are a few fish around.  Musky season opens Saturday and with temps in the mid 60’s the fish may be a bit slow.  We like to see 75 degree for the summer bite to really kick in.  The Bowden family always manages to find fish and they did again this week, Mary Bowden caught a beautiful 24″ walleye yesterday with several over 20″.  Keep showing the guys how to do it Mary.  Cabins for next year are already booking very well, if some one is looking for a spring trip in 2012 we only have a few cabins remaining.

Big thanks goes out to the bush hoppers!  I took a new party, Jon Graham (IA) and company to a lake that the guys fished their last day.  They coughed up a spot they did well at and the fish were still there.  I struggled a bit before that but their spot really paid off, limits of awesome 17 and 18 inch walleye, thanks boys.




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