Good Day

22 06 2011

After a couple slow days, fishing picked up.  The Sharp and Yunker Group (IL) had a great day walleye fishing along with the Garrey family (IL).  Both groups ran out of minnows and were back to camp by 3:30 this afternoon, not an early bunch either, they didn’t start fishing until 11 am.  Fishing had been slow pretty much until Monday night.  Brian Yunker landed a 26″  walleye and Grandpa Neil landed a few about 22″ today.  Kelly and Graham Garrey accompanied me last night on a musky hunt.  Kelly had two fish on the figure 8 but they would not eat.  Water temps were less than perfect, hitting around 61 degrees.  We did find 66 degree water and that’s where Kelly had some action.  Weed growth in most lakes is behind normal, but if you can find any cabbage at all there will be a few fish around.  More east wind at a fairly good clip has made boat control a bit challenging.  Smallmouth fishing is really good with everyone getting in on the action.




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