Awesome Week Awesome People

28 06 2011

Fishing remains good pretty much over the entire area.  The smaller bush lakes including this week are yielding awesome numbers and size of walleye.  Another great last day was had by the Garrey Family (IL).  Kelly and her father Scott caught 18 walleye on Friday over 18″ while fishing Pickerel Lake.  The Yunker/Sharp Family (IL) had another good week and why not with a 5th year walleye master apprentice leading the way (Bryan Yunker).  Cory Schaff and crew (IA) poached a few of the” bush hoppers” spots and caught tons of fish all week.  I mentioned these 3 parties because not only did they all have a great week catching fish, the companionship and the laughs that were shared are priceless.  Catching fish, and they all caught  a lot of fish, was a bonus.  Betty and I are truly blessed to have customers every week like we do.  This week Dan Miller and boys(IA) brought 2 four wheelers this year and are experiencing Canada the way I like it.  These guys are trompin’ in the bush and catching fish galore, artificial body baits by the way, no minnows.  I’m impressed!  Musky action heated up a little yesterday, Frank Cavanaugh (IL) had a nice 40″ er in the boat yesterday and Dave Rischar (IL) and his partner Steve had 3 musky in the boat yesterday.  Water temps are finally on the rise, averaging 65 to 70 degrees.  We did have a pretty healthy Mayfly hatch on Friday but it didn’t seem to affect fishing so far.  The smaller lakes do seem to be producing a bit more fish, for now anyway.

Kenny Rice

Bryan Yunker

Frank Cavanaugh and crew just rolled in and said they quit counting after catching and releasing 50 walleye.  Just another great day in Paradise.





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