Steady Fishing

30 06 2011

Guest in camp this week are continuing to put fish in the boat.  Water temps are on the rise and the weeds should start growing more rapidly and will be a good spot to locate some fish.  Rising water temps and lower oxygen levels can slow the bite down, weeds produce oxygen when growing and will usually hold fish.  We have had excellent days when conditions were less than ideal, hot,sunny, and flat.  Sometimes you need to get right in the weeds and shake your jig, it can be frustrating because you are constantly snagging weeds but worth it.  Ian Tyrell (IL) caught and released a 26 1/2 walleye yesterday, and Shane Gordon (IL) took an adventure and boated over 20 of the black and gold walleye off of Baker lk.  Gary Skidmore and crew are doing well at the outpost, numbers are down but the size of fish is up.  Several 22 to 24 inch walleye and high 30’s and even low 4o northern pike.  It seems fish of all species are biting and lakes across the region are all doing fairly well.  Hot and dry weather ahead will make fishing better on some lakes that have lagged thus far.  Unfortunately, many of the lakes that we have been fishing and doing very well on should be slowing down, water temps could touch 80 degrees on some smaller bodies of water this week.  Some pics below of the Garrey family. (IL)




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