10 07 2011

Walleye are on the feed and weeds are the ticket.  Find a nice patch of cabbage and you’ll have yourself some fun.  Lakes across the board are steady, the fish are averaging on the small size but the action is very good.  Larger water have temps ranging from 68 to 72 and the smaller lakes are all pushing 75.  Water levels are low and we are HOT and DRY. The entire area could use some rain.

This is a fire that is burning NE east of us near Pickle Lake, over 100,00 acres are burning. 

Fisherman are using just about anything they have confidence in.  Crank baits, gulp, and jigs/minnow.  I was able to sneak out a couple hours last week and it reminded me of bass fishing the slop.  We would pitch in the holes of a cabbage patch and giver a little shake.  The fish would smak the bait pretty hard. 

Musky should be on the feed as well.  The full moon is Friday and our Musky fisherman will be pounding the water pretty hard this week and next. 

Dan Steeve (IL) with a picture of a musky he caught on a bass while fishing for bass.  That always makes for a good story.

Betty and I have been very busy at camp and are excited with a new garage project getting started.  Blogging obviously has not been my stong suit lately but you’ll all like the garage when its done.  Take care and have a great summer, we’ll fill you in on some musky action later this week.

Couple of pics from a week ago.  Frank Cavanaugh (IL)

       Dennis Steeve (IL)




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