Dynamic Duo

30 07 2011

Shorty Flees and Bob Gould teamed up to boat 27 Musky in little over a weeks time.  The picture of the tiger below is awesome!  Her stomach was so full it looked like she just ate a loon.  The two hard-core musky hunters had a great time and seen lots of fish.  The full moon phase really paid off.  Allen Frankovich and Ronnie Mentzer boated 10 fish respectively with a nice 45 and several 42’s.  The fish seem to have slowed down the last few days.  It appears that they have moved out of the weeds and are on rocks close to deep water.  Walleye fishing has been spotty and it seems the mid summer lull has set in.  Cool nights have dropped water temps and the fall bite is hopefully only weeks away.  Water levels are extremely low in many areas, how about sending some of the mid-west rain up this way.  We’ll be in the bush starting tomorrow baiting bears and always scouting for deer and moose.  Fall is right around the corner, the time of year many of us dream about.





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