2 08 2011

Fishing remains spotty but every once in a while a blind squirrel will find a nut.  Sunday night my darling wife sent me out fishing with two buddies, Roger Stevens and Kyle Wood.  The night was fun but fishing was slow, at least until around 9 pm.  That’s when this 54 hit the bait.  Even though many fish seem to have left the weeds this girl was bedded in a small patch in shallow water.  Big thanks go out to Roger and Kyle for asking me to tag along.  Not a lot of follows or any other hits that night and other reports seem to be about the same.  The “windows” are smaller and not as often but being there at the right time can pay off.  Walleye fishing seems to be good one day and just OK the next.  Fisherman on many bodies of water are having to go deep.  Making the most of fishing early and late are keeping the odds in your favor.  The days are very hot and dry.  Working in the bush the last few days have been brutal.  Blueberries are NOT plentiful at all, bears will have to travel to find the food they will need for this winter.  Try and stay cool  our favorite time of year is only a month or so away. 




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16 08 2011
Shane Blakely

Nice fish Charlie!!!

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