August Fishing

17 08 2011

Actually for August, the fishing has not been all that bad.  Keep in mind, August is not May or June.  Reports from the entire area have been OK.  Fisherman hitting prime times are catching fish and those fishing bigger bodies of water are doing alright.  Fishing from 10am to 4 pm is fairly tough at this time of year.  Days have been hot but the nights are continuing to cool off.  We did get some much-needed rain yesterday.  NW Ontario still has 80 fires going and have extreme low water levels.  I have never seen areas with this low of water.  While out bear-baiting a couple of days ago a fire had started up just a mile or so away, I was able to watch the water bombers do their job, an awesome sight.  No camera.

Bear baits are all doing very well, lots of bear.  Shane Gordan weathered out the storm last night and saw 2 nice bear on his bait, one of which was a shooter but wasn’t able to get a shot off.  Maybe  tonight.  The berries are way  down in numbers this year, understandable with the lack of rain.  There should be plenty for the bear to make the winter though, they just might have to work a little  harder than in previous years.  It has been fun to be in the bush the last few weeks, lots of deer, bear and moose to scout.

My brother-in-law Joe Burns, out fished all of us a few days ago, here’s a pic of one of his walleye, he also landed a 32″ northern that day.

 By the way, a big thanks goes out the boys from Air Canada who on their weekend off took a drive over and fixed all of our boats that leaked with new rivets.  They did an awesome job!  Now we can rent some of those boats out even if it’s not raining.  Thanks Guys, see you in a week and a half for a non-work trip.




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