Thank You JFD

5 09 2011

Betty and I had a great time with the Joliet Fire Department group once again.  Thanks so much for the fun and laughs.  unfortunately walleye fishing was slow this past week, walleye  are not feeding.  Air temps are in the 30’s this morning and that should help lower some water temps and trigger the start of a fall bite.  Fisherman in camp are having a tough time this week as well.  The boys from Winnipeg did well yesterday on a small bush lake, they caught limits of walleye in just a few hours.  Everyone else in camp struggled, even guys fishing big water.  Sometimes you can’t explain why fish don’t bite, it is what it is.  Musky fishing last week was pretty good at the start of the new moon.  A couple of heavy hitters started the week off with 6 musky in two days, Eric Johnson and Mike Nurczyk boated a 45 and a 46 in that bag.  Tony Frankovich and Scott Munday managed to stretch their luck out daily, they boated a fish each day, a couple of pictures below.  Ron Fox (JFD) boated the biggest walleye of the week at 27 inches.  Tony Muir and Mike Adelman concentrated on northern pike fishing a few days and boated some nice fish, many in the mid 30’s.  Trout fishing will close at the end of the month and fish will start moving up for their annual spawn.  A few of our guys fished for trout yesterday and boated 2 nice fish and lost several others.  Fish were suspended 55ft over 90 feet of water. 




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