Tough Fishing

15 09 2011

Many of you know that I often paint with a broad brush.  Fishing over the last few weeks has not been  good.  Some of our veterans managed to do well in tough conditions but over all it’s been difficult to put together a day or two of good fishing.  Hot dry weather has played a part along with low water levels.  In my opinion, oxygen or the lack of,  has dampered the start of the fall bite.  No wind, no rain, and hot weather along with several algae blooms have sucked much of the oxygen out of the water.  Water temps, until this week have still been in the 70’s.  It’s really to bad that we experienced this type of fishing towards the end of our season.  The spring and summer bite could not have been much better, many of our anglers caught more fish than they ever have.  September fishing is one of  my favorite times of year and I hope all the wet, cold and windy conditions this week will have sparked the fall bite for one our last weeks of fishing this season. 

Archery season for moose begins Saturday. I am looking foward to guiding Rob and George Hamm from Wisconsin starting on Tuesday.  The hard frost and 26 degrees this morning sure does get a hunter excited for the fall hunt.

A few bright spots in the last week or so.


                                                                                          The Kingpin and crew




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