Still Slow

19 09 2011

Weather has made boat control difficult which has hurt walleye fisherman.  It’s hard to say if the bite has picked up.  High winds have made staying on a spot extremely tough.   Most reports are simply poor.   Moose season has started and we’ll be guiding starting on Tuesday.  After a few days of scouting things look to be promising.  I found some fresh rubs on Thursday and with little looking around I found a beautiful shed in good shape, probably from a 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 year old bull.  The bush is still fairly green and with a lack of water my guess is the moose will be close to lakes.  Grouse season also has started and birds are plentiful but the weather has kept them hunkered down just like the fish.  Hopefully things will pick up and I’ll have something good to write about, but hey, it’s hunting season and that something positive in its self.  Below are a couple of pics from the 1st of September. 

Mike Nurczyk (JFD)




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