NW Ontario Giant

28 09 2011

The archery moose hunting season has been a hard-fought battle but in the last few days things really came together.  Rob Hamm and his father George, who I been Guiding for 6 years didn’t get down even though the action had been slow for the most part.  Friday evening, this 54 1/2 ” giant came into range with using  aggressive tactics and gave Rob a 40 yard broadside shot in which he made a perfect hit on this magnificent animal.  There does not seem to be a lack of animals in the areas that we have been hunting.  Reports over the last few days have been very good, lots of moose around.  I started guiding Chris Luetkeman on Sunday and our first morning was unbelievable.  We called in three bulls, all within 15 yards and Chris arrowed a beautiful 48″ bull.  He passed on two smaller bulls that morning before taking this one.  We had seen 4 bulls and a cow that morning and as a bonus, a black wolf came to a cow call a minute before the first bull came into the picture.  That smaller 2 1/2 year old bull stepped out of the bush at 10ft from Chris, giving him a very exciting first day moose hunt.

The fall bite has started on many bush lakes.  Big walleye are being caught daily.  Rob Hamm and his Dad boated a 29″ walleye and several in the mid 20’s in the last 2 days.  Weather has finally stabled which seems to have helped tremendously.  Trout season ends on Friday and I’ll be taking my Dad out for the last day.  The reports I have gotten this morning is that the trout have started to move up for their annual spawn.  Musky should be going as well, we’ll be out hunting for those giants in another week or so.  Water temps are in the high 50’s to low 60’s depending on where you are at.

Grouse are abundant but you have to get out of the main stream areas to see the birds.  Early in the morning on old bush roads that are nothing more than two-track trails are where you’ll find the birds.  I have not been out as of yet but with guiding done for this year I would like to say I’ll find some time to have a feed of grouse.

Fall is upon us, absolutely magnificent colors everywhere.  Not a better time to be in NW Ontario.

Rob Hamm first 2 pictures, Chris Luetkeman the 3rd picture.




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