Let’s go Hunting

2 11 2011

Fall has been very busy!  Let’s go back to the second week of the rifle season for moose.  Things slowed dramatically.  Animals seemed to be hung up tight and there was not much moment.  After a long hard-fought rut it seemed that moose took a break.  They are starting to move again but a little too late for many hunters.  Randy Clow and Jeff Olajos took this animal the first week of the gun season, way to go guys.

After the second week of moose season our attention shifted to our remote deer hunt and Steve Sulfridge (IL)started us out with a bang.  On one of the best days of the calendar to hunt “Halloween”, Steve took an awesome 148″ mainframe 10 pointer with lots of junk.  The picture doesn’t do the deer justice.  There was tons of character to his rack including 38 1/2 inches of mass measurements.  Bucks really just started to move yesterday, up until now there has not been much sign at all.  Gary Turk also took a nice deer yesterday morning after passing a different buck 20 minutes before.  I will actually be going out tomorrow to see if we can get a mature buck with the bow.

It’s to bad we don’t have time to do everything.  Musky fishing would still be very good right now.  Last week we snuck out for a few hours and landed a beautiful 44 1/2 inch fall musky.  A few weeks back moose and musky were on the agenda and now it looks like deer and musky.

Good luck hunting this fall and please be safe.  I’ll be in a tree for the next few weeks so please leave a message.




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